The anticipation that we never expect.

Hello everyone, we from the development team never thought that what was originally intended to be just a small reveal could end up like this. The anticipation you give to our project is really something that is beyond our expectations.

We are absolutely MOTIVATED right now because of the reception we receive in less than 12 hours after we reveal the project.

although, there is still a lot of things you need to know about us, and details regarding this project.

we will list everything we can share right now below :

Don’t set your expectation too high (yet).

[Actual footage of the head of studio getting nervous Intensely]

We are a small team with 6 member working in this project right now, we are small, have very limited resources and capabilities. there is no way our game can be compared to big series like Zelda and Genshin which actually developed by now AAA companies. there is a resemblance but mostly just in the artistic direction and the sub-genre of Open world.

We don’t want to get caught up in praise and really want to be honest and transparent with our audience who are looking forward to this project.

but you don’t need to worry much because we’re still doing our best to deliver the best experience with Project Buramato. and that’s why we are planning to make a public playtest session in Q4 2021. to hear your thought and what we need to improve in this project.

(Just don’t expect us to make another Zelda or Genshin Clone with AAA qualities, we are in fact are Indies)

Inspired by many Bornean Folktales.

Project BuraMato is heavily Inspired by the tales from Dayak Paser (one of the tribes in Borneo). although the world and the universe of Buramato itself is a mix of many Borneo folk and myth. from the North to South, East to West of Borneo. we gain references as much as possible to craft the magical world of BuraMato.

It’s still too early to talk about the exact release date and the console version.

Following the reveal of the project, we said that this game is targeted to be multiplatform. because of that, many people start asking us questions about the console version, Is it will be released simultaneously? does it appear on Playstation, Xbox, and Switch? when will this game release? will this appear on Mobile? we cannot exactly answer all of those questions yet. like we said before, we are a small team with limited resources. things can be changed during the development process, and the game itself is still in the pre-alpha stage.

although technically possible, mobile version is not even in our plan (yet).

BUT, let’s hope everything goes according to plan and hopefully we can work without any big problem. we will continue to work hard!

Most of the design are not final

As you can see in many games, change can be made during development process, it is including the environment setup, the characters design, or even the game features. although we will strict and stay as much as possible to our main vision.

Gameplay, Stories, and Pop-culture inspiration

What we can say about this, We’re gonna talk about in-depth gameplay in different Developer blogs, but we are telling this so you can Imagine briefly what the gameplay will be.

Until now, It will revolve around exploring vast amounts of different kinds of environments, each surrounded by something important for you to do to progress the story further. Including solving puzzle or battle with many Bornean giant mythical creatures which each of them have their own lore unique to their own.

If you can Imagine, The Game settings is heavily influenced by one of our favorite anime series Made in Abyss, and other games developed by our favorite game franchise from Team ICO’s.

we’re not gonna spoil anything, but we are really excited to deliver our vision to you in the best possible qualities!

Closing and small message from developers.

Thank you everyone for all of your support!

as a passionate team chasing our dreams, this kind of anticipation was never ever come to our imagination. we live by our dreams, help us build and shape this passionate project by share this message.

This is our second Premium project, there are many new risks and challenges since we need to fully work from home this time, we hope we can present the best possible experience for those of you who have been anticipating our works, Stay safe everyone! see you in the next Devlog!

-[Management of OZYSOFT]

I hope you guys like this project as it will be my first time building an Action-Adventure game set in purely Fantasy Settings. I learn many things in my previous project and I still want to explore the mythical folks of Borneo. I adore a lot of traditional stories thought by our Elders and I want to share it with everyone through my own creation. please be honest in critiques as it will help us shape the final qualities.

Thank you guys!

-[OZY] – Game Director of Pulang Insanity & Project Buramato.