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Updates expected to be available on Jan 16, 2021. | 10:00 PST

Developer Messages

It doesn’t feel like it has been about 9 months since the release of Pulang Insanity, there are many joys and sorrows that we felt when the game was still in the development stage. When Pulang Insanity released on the market, we were forced to cut some content at the last minute. It was a difficult decision but at that time we had no other choice. However, after several months since its release we finally decided to restore most of the content that had been cut. in the form of a Free upgrade which you will be able to enjoy in a moment.

Director’s Cut version is a free upgrade to everyone who bought Pulang: Insanity.

it will include additional new content in the form of a longer campaign, new levels, gameplay tweaks, more Enemy varieties, additional puzzles, challenges, Behind the Scene content, unlockables, and even more Secrets to uncover. It will also come with a fix to most of the reported bugs & glitches in the vanilla version. Thank you for all of your support from the very beginning!

The process of developing Pulang Insanity from the very start until now is a valuable lesson we will never forget! An extraordinary adventure. Hearing every response that comes to Pulang Insanity, we are encouraged to make something better.

A big thank you to those of you who have supported Pulang Insanity. I present to you Pulang Insanity – Director’s Cut which contains nearly all of the missing content.

Enjoy the definitive experience of Pulang Insanity!

See you in our next work.

Ozy | Founder of Ozysoft – Game Director of Pulang Insanity

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Screenshots [Pulang Insanity Director’s Cut Update]