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OZYSOFT STUDIO is an Indie game developer based in Indonesia

[2011 – 2013] – START OF THE JOURNEY

OZYSOFT is an Indie Studio which was first founded by Ozy and Sopian in 2013. Ozy has started creating a game story since 2011 and he has the highest passion in gaming. With very creative thinking and imaginative thinking in his head, Ozy and his brother Sopian started to build a small team with one purpose to build the path and bring our expected games as gamers dreams into reality.

[2014 – 2017] – FOUNDATION & CONCEPTS

We started a small office, an indie studio In East Borneo – Indonesia, and officially announced our epic masterpiece in the psychological survival horror genre which is titled Pulang Insanity. Even with a very early-Alpha version as he made at his high school ages at the time, the games raise positive response for the uniqueness of the theme We adopted, especially for the high quality in terms of standardized graphics, and how deeply a game can get into the hearts of our market. We realize that rich story writing and the knowledge of dark culture in Indonesia will be our strengths. Over the time From 2014 to 2018, this studio has no idea to go and apparently needs to be supported from all aspects from Financing, to a proven experienced company managing partner to be sustained, all just to make our dream come true.

[2018 – 2019] – GAME DEVELOPMENTS

End of 2017, a good news coming, We meet Mr. Lisun, a humble guy in a startup forum where He also seek for this Games industry as he said that Sky Is The Limit Industry seeking for. We feel his humility at first sight. Mr. Lisun is like our big brother, he is a business genius and multitalented also act as our motivator. All of us in studio call him 361’ degree guy, because of his very unique detail view and very systematic and structure thinking as We believe if He acts as our Co-Founder will bring our dreams comes true. With a tuned chemistry, He acquired our studio by his solo own fortune as Angle investor and help us managing this company.

Still in 2017, equipped with Mr. Lisun as co-founder and equity support and our whole unique excellent artist team, He reform our old management style and make a tremendous 361’ degree aspect that recognizes originally as our differentiation than others studio in the world. Soon this strategy will working and make a tremendous leap, and proven less than a year as We could launch our Full Demo Release as our first milestone from a good to great company.

Our first flagship which titled “Pulang : Insanity” had launched the demo on June 28th, 2019. The game gain a big hype and positive response from gamers and media over all the world. Few hours after launched, the games played across many countries in the world.


was released in March 13, 2020.

It gains Mostly Positive Review on STEAM,



We put August 14th as our anniversary annually, as this date marked as our Rejuvenate day as We set the roadmap to be a good to great games corporation company in the future. With a tremendous business plan, vision, and mission, We also invite you to make a partnership with us and join our team to make this dream come true.


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